Format C:

A Novel

At the turn of the last century, two Millennial fears haunted most people: the sense of Armageddon, and the pending so-called Y2K crisis. Both have been woven together in Edwin Black's only novel, a tense and compelling mystic techno-thriller about the final battle between good and evil fought against the race to fix the Millennium Bug. The millennial turn is over, but this book is still a virtuoso debut novel that won praise from critics. Time Magazine said, “Black's millennium-bug novel is … a believable and exciting read.” The Cleveland Plain Dealer declared, “Readers… will be unable to resist this gripping, fanciful, fast-paced tale that has 'best-seller' written all over it.” Net Magazine declared, “Edwin Black's novel Format C: reminds me of an offbeat but brilliant film. You will like it. I did.” PC Magazine agreed, “One of the best high-tech thrillers in years. A must read.”