The Plan

How to Rescue Society the Day the Oil Stops—or the Day Before

This controversial and bitter-pill crisis plan to rescue America once the oil stops was written as a newsbook at the height of the 2008 oil addiction and scarcity crisis to help the world keep functioning. While the numbers have changed since it was released, if the Strait of Hormuz is blocked, or refineries are impacted by weather or terrorism, the detailed escape plan for survival is still as useful today as when it was first released as a companion to the bestselling, award-winning Internal Combustion.

Oil experts and reviewers have given the exceptionally high marks. The Miami Herald called the book “Remarkable and rational—highly recommended.” The Daily Kos declared that “Black states the problem clearly and without hyperbole. Clean and Concise.” The Arizona Star stated, “Black presents… a remarkable scheme… citing published, non-controversial works plus his own primary research, which generally keeps the proceedings well out of the realm of science fiction.” The Natural Resources Defense Council asserted, “Black’s bold, aggressive plan for saving oil in a hurry and breaking our addiction should inspire the next president to adopt a real energy strategy to break our shackles to the chaotic global oil market.”